Sketches, Studies, Experiments

A collection of random stuff from my sketches folder. Several experiments, failures and paintings that stretch a verity of mediums from traditional gouache, Photoshop to 3D Coat. Some of these are from life, photos & still life.

I rarely post stuff like this - if it's interesting to you let me know. I have allot more :)

Jedd chevrier portrait sketch

A study that took on a life of its own.

Jedd chevrier img 20171027 130432

6 inch Gouache painting from the Grand Canyon - check out the video

Jedd chevrier img 20171027 130433

6 inch Gouache painting from Arizona

Jedd chevrier downlox 20170811 122524

Quick 3D Coat Sketch

Jedd chevrier img 20171027 130434

4 inch Gouache painting from Washinton

Jedd chevrier study 25

From a reference photo I found online

Jedd chevrier still life1

Process gif of a single sitting still life painting.

Jedd chevrier still life2 redux

Single sitting still-life painting.

Jedd chevrier jedd chevrier sketch recovered recovered recovered recovered
Jedd chevrier study 26

Study from a reference photo I found online.

Jedd chevrier sketch 1

Just grey-scale sketchin'